Boring Background

Grew up in mostly in Dayton, Ohio USA. Born in 1960. Grew stupid in the 70's. -
Even dumber in the 80's.
Wised up a little in the 90's. Reagan and Clinton opened my mind up. Then my
mind expanded with a
"Rush". But music remained in my blood.
I started playing guitar around 1977. I kept practicing to records, tapes & the
radio all the while I wrote my
own songs and little ditties. Joined my first band until 79 or so. Even then I
didn't get serious until about a
band until 95 or so. So I was a late bloomer.


My Grandfather plays guitar. Bluegrass mostly along with some country. His
influences were The Delmore
Brothers, and the old bluegrass of the day. Music is in the family. My uncle Rick
(see liner notes on CD)
has music in his blood too.
Matter of fact Rick turned me on to my first album. Deep Purple - Fireball. I think
I still have the album. All
scratched up and everything. Hard rock. Yeah! Next Door neighbor people were
black folks and they
turned me on to the Jackson 5, Staple Singers and stuff like that. So I dig soul,  
funk and R&B too.

My Interests

Listened primarily to Rock n Roll. Still do. In the 90's I grew bored and started
listening to all kinds of stuff.
Jazz, Bluegrass, Willie Nelson, Raggae, all kinds. Even tested a limited
amount of Disco. (Only so much of
that a person can handle though) Long story short - if the music is good it
doesn't matter what you call it.
It's just good music.
Okay, enough crap. Move on!

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